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Delatite Valves can improve the efficiency of your boiler therefore saving energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

A leaking isolation valve can be very costly in a power plant.

The main leakage problems come from gland packing and seat leakage.

For every litre of water or kg of steam lost a litre of water needs to be replaced.

As this water is demin it costs money and time to make the water.

The water then needs to be heated to the operating temperature of the boiler.

This requires more fuel to be burnt. In the case of coal fired boilers it also means more ware and tare on the coal mills that pulverize the coal before it is blown into the boiler.

Burning additional fuel adds to CO2 emissions.

It stands to reason if you can keep your isolation valves tight your plant and boiler automatically becomes more efficient.

Delatite Valves can help solve your leaking valve problem saving you fuel, water, wear and tare, and reduce emissions

Delatite Valves

Delatite Valves are dedicated to providing High Quality Products of Superior Design

which are all supported by excellent customer service.
Delatite are Committed to solving Severe Service Valve problems in today's industries.
Total Quality Management is our Commitment to our Customers.

We go out of our way to understand the Customers needs and to provide solutions which meet or exceed our customers' needs.
This commitment is carried across all departments of the company. Including
• Sales
• Engineering
• Product Development
This Commits Delatite to ongoing quality and performance improvements to meet our customers needs.

We aim to meet our Customers Needs First Time and on Time.

Valves have been designed to meet the ANSI Standards for Valves.

Valve are Tested to conform with MSS SP.61
All machining, hard coating, assembly, and testing are performed by ISO 9001 accredited companies.

Repair facilities are ISO 9001 accredited.

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