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The Delatite Cavitation Control Trim has been designed to eliminate cavitation
damage by using a number of drilled hole cylinders and pressure reducing flow

The trim reduces velocity by means of tortuous flow path technologies which
eliminate cavitation by forcing the liquid to take numerous pressure reductions
as it travels through the valve trim.
Cavitation damage is one of the major causes of control valve failure.

Cavitation occurs when the pressure of the fluid flowing though a restriction
of the seat in a control valve drops below the vapour pressure of the fluid, and
then the pressure recovers to above the vapour pressure of the fluid as the fluid
leaves the valve.
The first stage of cavitation occurs when the fluid pressure drops below the
fluid vapour pressure and bubbles form in and around the vena contracta of the
valve (seat area). As the fluid continues it's path through the valve but after the
vena contracta the pressure of the fluid begins to recover. When the fluid
pressure recovers to the point where it is just above the fluid vapour pressure the
bubbles suddenly implode. The implosion forces are very high and if bubbles
implode near a metal surface small amounts of metal will be removed every
time a bubble implodes near the body or valve trim.
This is known as cavitation damage.
Delatite utilize a number of techniques to provide a gradual pressure reductions
as the fluid travels through the valve trim keeping the fluid pressure above the
fluid vapour pressure.
Each stage in the trim have a number of drilled holes which the fluid is forced
to travel through.
When the fluid leaves the first stage of holes it is forced to turn 90 degree either
left or right. The fluid collides with fluid coming from the opposite direction
before being forced again to turn and enter the next stage of holes. This process
is then repeated up to 6 time depending on the process flow requirements.

Every time you have streams of liquid collide you cause a small pressure drop.
When fluid is forced to change direction you cause a small pressure drop.
When flow streams are increased in size you control velocity.

Delatite include all these technologies when designing the DEL-CCT severe
service trim.

All DEL-CCT trims fit into all standard Delatite control valve bodies.
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