Model AMCV
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Eccentric plug control valves have become one of the valves of choice for control valve users. This style of valve offers an ability to handle solids and slurries. The design of the valve offers larger capacity (higher Cv's) than globe style valves. Rangeability is approximately 150:1 compared to 50:1 for a globe valve, and 20:1 for butterfly valves.

The design of the valve is robust, light weight, and it is an economical alternative for your control valve applications.

The Delatite AMCV is fitted with a low hysteresis, high thrust, pneumatic piston actuator, with a patented coupling between the actuator and valve stem which eliminates backlash.

With the importance of safety, the Delatite AMCV can be supplied complete with spring return actuator (fail open, fail closed, or fail in place), or double acting. As the valve has a straddle shaft flow capacity can be up to 70% higher than other rotary plug valves.

The shaft is supported by 2 large bearings. The Delatite AMCV is manufactured in sizes 50mm (2") through to 300mm (12"), and are available in either in flanged or wafer style.

Flanges: RF ANSI 150#, 300#, and 600#.
Wafer: ANSI 150#, 300#, and 600#.

All these advantages make the Delatite AMCV a very good solution for your process control applications.
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