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This valve has been designed to be easily maintained and save you considerable time and money. The valve can be maintained by removing the centre section of the valve while the ends of the valve remain in the line. With the APV-LLK-3 there is no need to cut the valve out of the line, you simply undo the body bolts and remove the centre section of the valve. Replace body gaskets and valve centre section (either repaired or new). Reinstall the body gaskets and tighten the body bolts to the required torque figure. The valve is now ready to be put into service .

The Savings Include

The above benefits can save you a lot of time and money per valve installation.
Delatite have a valve overhaul section that can repair to as new all valve centres including test certificates
3 valves cover all sizes for 12mm – 100mm
The Delatite APV-LLK-3 is the valve that takes the high cost out of valve maintenance.


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